Singles Roundup #13: Electronic Music Edition

Producing an album is a daunting task, to say the least. How does one ensure that every track, every sound on the album is coherent with every other? A time honored way to dip your toe, before taking the plunge, is to release singles.

At the time when they were invented, singles used to represent the entirety of the work that the artist is releasing for the time being. A single, during that period, was representative of the artist’s sound and their way to reach the public. Today, singles are an experimental format, meant for the artist to grow or change their sound. An indicator of the things to come, so to say.

As one listens to the singles that are being produced by electronic music artists in India, one encounters a diversity of work fitting for the country of myriad cultures. With this series, we will dive into curated selections of these singles to give a peek into the dynamism of the industry.

1. Nocturnal Monsters – Three Oscillators

Three Oscillators has been a rising star on the electronic music scene in India. His imagination lends to beautifully unique sounds that work together to produce an ambience of ease. With Nocturnal Monsters, he creates a perfect balance of harmonic and melodic elements against kick drums, making for a perfect additional to bassy and ambient playlists.

2. Uncertainty – Aneesha featuring Tech Panda X Kenzani

In their characteristic style melodic style, layered with synths and and ambient textures, Kenzani and Tech Panda bring the harmonies to this track. Add to that the melodic voice and soulful lyrics by Aneesha, a producer-musician from Delhi (whose this is the first official release) and we have a unique sound to the track!

3. Modern Romance (OX7GEN Remix) – DOT, JNTHN STEIN, OX7GEN

Over the last decade, Mumbai has been the hot-bed for a talented crop of self taught producers and artists. OX7GEN has been a regular fixture at many music festivals. Straying away from the sound of his previous releases, with this remix you begin to see an attempt to reach towards to melodic DnB.

4. Scandal – GoodMostlyBad

GoodMostlyBad recently dropped an album and then followed it up with a single. Her characteristic deadpan vocals set against minimal yet experimental sound patterns set her apart from any other producers in the industry. With Scandal, a track beat produced by Shamnaz, she brings her vocals to powerful lyrics.

5. Clandestine – VRIDIAN & Jay Pei

VRIDIAN and Jay Pei, two promising talents from Delhi, are walking the independent release route with this track. The track is a perfect one caught between the era when technology became big and electronic music made its way to the hands of independent producers and today when we’re stuck at home, attempting to make music. Melodies, broken beats and an 80s aesthetic make this track a must have on your playlist!

6. Find You (Zokhuma Remix) – Nothing Anonymous, Zokhuma

Zokhuma has proved his ease with music, whether it is metal or electronica. With his remix of Nothing Anonymous’ Find You, he edges the melodic experimental track towards the familiar sound of melodic electronica.

7. Bareback – NATE08, Lojal

Both NATE08 and Lojal are heavily inspired by R&B, Hip Hop and sampling culture in general and it comes through in this track which balances the samples with a simple melody, almost like a track straight out of, you know the drill!

8. Malik Ambar – Stain

We’ve spoken about a crop of talented self-taught producers in Mumbai, but there’s a rising wave in Delhi too! One of them is Stain, an artist not afraid to explore his darker sides with bass heavy tracks. Malik Ambar is a promising look into his future work, with an album out in November 2020.

9. Sampadan 25 – Kone Kone, Todh teri

Elusive as they are, Kone Kone has established themselves as a master of sampling flashy numbers from Bollywood to modern electronica. For this single, they’ve gone for a subtler track that has a characteristic melody fading in and out and setting the pace of the track.

10. Essential Knowledge – Frame/Frame

In the midst of experimental sampling and punchy synths, it is always good to see some well-produced 4 on the floor. Frame/Frame does this perfectly in Essential Knowledge with his track beginning on a monologue on cannabis and ending with a rhythm to get you moving.

11. Doom – PAV4N, Sukh Knight, Ishani

PAV4N, frontman of the erstwhile Foreign Beggars, has taken on the avatar of an electronic artist and started establishing his foothold in the industry with his unique sound. With Doom, he creates a pretty straightforward tracks that is a confluence of hip hop and Bollywood-esque vocals. The most interesting part though is probably the high-production value video, that showcases the deep spiritual and mythological thinking behind the artist’s avatar.

12. Monogatari – Karan Kanchan, Kalmi

Probably the most bass heavy track to round up this round up, Karan Kanchan is said to be influenced by Japanese Classical music. An interesting track, it lays out the floor for what could be an interesting meeting of Indian and Japanese cultures.

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Until next time!