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Singles Roundup #12: Diversify Your Playlist With These Latest Tracks

Every few weeks there are a plethora of singles released by both, renowned musicians as well as completely new ones. It can be really difficult to keep up with all the new music released hence, we, at The Indian Music Diaries are compiling a list of the new singles released which you should definitely check out!

1. By the River by Benhurmusic

Kochi-based singer-songwriter-guitarist duo released their third single By the River which is part of their debut EP. The EP draws its influences from acoustic folk roots and has subtle dramatic and melancholic feels to it. Their latest song, By the River focuses on realistic reflections of relationships. It touches upon and reflects a feeling which most people would feel when they are in love. The track features soothing guitar picking along with melancholic vocals.

2. Rum & Her by Tansen ft. Atteev

Tansen, a bedroom producer, is out with his second single Rum & Her. This EDM artist has produced a catchy hook, along with soothing vocals giving the track a perfect chill vibe. Rum  & Her is a song about how a person feels about his lover but is afraid to speak up about their lover.

3. Crack of Light by Mansij

Mansij Madaan who goes by his first name Mansij is a Delhi-based guitarist and producer. He draws inspirations from artists such as Tom Misch, John Mayer, Coldplay, and Nile Rodger and thus he infuses various elements of RnB, soul, new age, ambient and electronic music. His second single Crack of Light starts with a groovy beat, followed with chill melodic guitar solos, and a powerful guitar riff concludes the track. This track emerged from the extended experience of crisis that we face at present.

4. Told You So by Soham Mallick ft. Hanita Bhambri

Soham Mallick’s latest single Told You So is a beautiful duet with singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri. This track speaks of hope, change, and despair all at the same time. With the world drastically changing, it urges us to introspect our life and reminds us that change is the only constant there is in life. Bhambri’s melodious vocals perfectly compliment Mallick’s vocals, making it a very soothing experience to the audience.

5. Anarchy by Salt Rock

Delhi-based funkadelic rock band Salt Rock released their second single Anarchy. The band draws inspiration from artists such as Toll, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Snarky Puppy. This fast-paced eccentric track has head-thumping groovy rock beats, a catchy guitar solo and thumping drums. Anarchy is a song about standing up for what is right and telling the truth. It tells you to not only inspire change but to be the change.

6. Bum ke Gole by Sumeet and Adhirath

Bum ke Gole is an energetic song with folk elements released by Sumeet and Adhirath. This track is a beautiful blend of East meets West with its colourful and energetic vibes. Bum ke Gole is inspired by the authentic Baghel Khandi folk music. This fun track has a catchy hook which will make you want to get up and dance along the music.

7. You Ain’t Perfect by Jhanvi Soni

Surat-based singer-songwriter Jhanvi Soni released her debut single You Ain’t Perfect. With Radiohead as her inspiration, her style so far is acoustic but she plans on changing it soon, and not restricting herself. Her single starts with dulcet guitar finger picking but also features electric guitar tones towards the end. You Ain’t Perfect aims to give the message of self-love and of not being perfect all the time as there is beauty is imperfections.

8. Swarg by Raeyna

Delhi-based singer-songwriter Raeyna aims to make you cry when he sings. This can be said true by his melancholic vocals in his single Swarg. The artist hails his name from the Latin word ‘Regina’ which translates to Queen. It is the inability to express oneself in traditional human notions, thus giving him, as an artist, different avenues to communicate. Raeyna is a fluent writer in Hindi and English and aims to give a fresh perspective to the Indian Pop, RnB, and Hip-Hop music.

9. M.I.G.O. by Soul Papa

Nishant Mugdal who goes by the monicker Soul Papa is a Delhi-based singer-songwriter, music producer, and visual artist. His single M.I.G.O. is a peppy, energetic song which would make you groove to the electronic retro beats. The song has a perfect combination of new disco, retro, electronic, funk vibes, with a catchy hook, overall making it a fun song!

10.  Why Ain’t You Moving by Honey Musket ft. Brahma

Mumbai-based electronic artist and producer Kushal Gaikwad who goes by the monicker Honey Musket released his latest single Why Ain’t You Moving in collaboration with Brahma. This electronic song features a catchy hook and energetic beats, giving it a fun, chill vibe.

11. Again by Abdon Mech

Abdon Mech is a Nagaland-based singer-songwriter who released his latest single Again. He is known for his easy-going vocals and straightforward song writing. Again has Mech’s melodious vocals which give a calm relaxing feeling to the audience. The song is a reflection on the new reality and how it has changed all our lives. It delves into the perspective of multiple sections of the society as he tells their story for them and urges everyone to share this song to anyone fighting at the frontline during this pandemic and to help spread love!

12. Corona Goes by Bulli Brainbridge ft. Rhys Sebastian

Zain Calcuttawala who now works as a music producer and sound engineer, has been releasing music under his alias Bulli Brainbridge. His latest single Corona Goes sees the world through a lens of satire and mocking disbelief. The track hopes to give the listener a milder perspective of times when one is just overwhelmed. This song starts with news clipping and a snippet of the infamous song “Go Corona Go” on loop. Adding to this song, there is Rhys Sebastian on the saxophone, with his melodious brass composition.

13.  Mellow by The Lightyears Explode

The Lightyears Explode is a indie-pop band from Mumbai. Their latest single Mellow is actually a contradiction to its name because of the peppy energetic vibes it gives off. This groovy track is sure to make you get up and dance as it is jam-packed with synths, energetic thumping drums, and a catchy guitar riff.

14. Shambhar Bars by Swadesi

Mumbai-based hip-hop collective Swadesi released their latest single Shambar Bars (100 Bars) .Written and performed by MC Mawali and produced by BamBoy, this Marathi track is a scathing critique of the increasing commercialisation of Indian hip-hop and a deep dive into the issues facing every Maharashtrian. MC Mawali speaks directly to the people of Maharashtra and exposes the hidden agendas that have compounded the issues plaguing the state and its citizens today.

15. I’m Out by Nachiket

Nachiket Karekar, a session drummer who has played with a bunch of bands, also an actor and model, has finally released his debut single I’m Out. This track has been produced by Siddharth Basrur, thus, making him the first artist to have his track produced by Basrur besides his own projects. The song speaks about having to let go of someone, while still feeling extremely attached to that person. The heartfelt lyrics make this song relatable to many people.

Times are tougher than before for artists in the indie music scene. Hence, listening to their music and encouraging them is the best and the simplest form of support that can be offered to the artists. It takes a lot of efforts and hard work to release a single track, so make sure you show all the love and support to the artists.

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