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Singles Roundup #11: Diversify your playlist with these latest tracks

Every few weeks there are many singles released by both, renowned and new ones in the Indian independent music scene. It can be really difficult to keep up with all the new music released so we, at The Indian Music Diaries, have compiled a list of the best new singles released which you should definitely check out!

1. Blue Over You by Maaya Mattoo

Delhi based singer-songwriter Maaya Mattoo’s latest single is a groovy track with a hint of Latin-pop. ‘Blue Over You’ is an intricately produced track that blooms like a flower as it progresses. Maaya who is a trained Indian classical vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist has been releasing music over the last couple of months and is gaining notoriety as she gears up to release more music in the coming weeks. Listen to ‘Blue Over You’ which is sure to keep your blues away.
Easter egg- Hear her rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

2. Rise Above by Siddharth Basrur

A song about getting through all the hurdles in your way, renowned singer-songwriter Sidhdharth Basrur’s latest release ‘Rise Above’ was what he calls a “Happy Accident”. The song was born whistle Basrur was searching for a drum patch for another track he was working on. With beautifully arranged instruments, the track has a very classic reggae feel that is further improvised with some pretty cool vocal effects. This release is very different from the previous works from Siddharth.

3. Sone De by MojoJojo

Delhi based electronic music producer MojoJojo aka Akshay Johar has dropped his new track ‘SoneDe‘ from his sophomore album – ‘AndarRated’. A complete departure from the uptempo first track, ‘Duniya‘, ‘Sone De’ is intimate and laid back. Written by MojoJojo during the peak of the Covid crisis in April ’20, this song explores the initial anxiety and sense of uncertainty he felt during the lockdown. Featuring a duet by vocal powerhouses Akshay Oberoi and Tyesha Kohli this song blends Pop, Dancehall and Indian Folk, in a manner which is now distinctly MojoJojo’s signature.

4. Shor by Pranab Rath

Bhubaneshwar based Pranab Rath is a singer-songwriter whose latest track ‘Shor’ has hit all the right chord with the listeners. With a strong melody and a catchy chorus, Pranab’s raspy vocals become the star of this simple yet heartfelt rock track.

5. Dear Felicity by Funan and Gang

Dear Felicity, a song that talks about the complicated path of healing and self-acceptance, has been released by Mumbai based musician Ananya Sharma aka Funan. A song about self-love, the track is emotionally rich in reflective lyrics. The song is beautifully composed and the singer steals the show with a power packed vocal delivery. The song acts as a reminder to all the people in our lives that we love so profoundly, but who don’t see themselves way we do.

6. Musafir x Wanderer by Yugm x Sid Ramesh

Musafir x Wanderer is a song that takes a peek into the mind and soul of a traveler. It was inspired by the people the artists met during their various travels and concerts. It is a bi-lingual track with heartwarming lyrics which has verses in Hindi and English both. Another striking feature of the song is the beautiful use of the flute along with western instruments.

7. Pain by Nurav Ft. Jhallih

Varun Shankar Tiwari aka Nurav is a Kolkata based DJ and Producer who has come up with a collaborative track with singer ‘Jhallih’. The track ‘Pain’ deals with the transition a person goes through after a heartbreak while coming things come back to normal. The song expresses how a heartbreak breaks you, give you scars and gives you emotional pain that lingers. With a peppy electronic music production, the song packs a punch with a groovy instrumental melody in the chorus.

8. My dreams by TheHarity

A dreamy piano ballad that was conceived in a dream and actually became reality, ‘My Dreams’ is singer-songwriter Theharity’s latest release. Sourabh says, the lyrics of the track were penned down under five minutes but took an entire year to become a full fledged song. “My Dreams” is an emotionally rich song and the flawless piano playing makes it mesmerizing.

9. Khwaab by Shashank

Shashank is a Mumbai based singer-songwriter and producer, who just released his debut track “Khwaab”. A classic indie-pop track that will make you reminiscence of late nineties, the well executed hook makes the song very listenable and catchy.

10. Move On by Trap Monk

Jaipur based producer Trap Monk is back with his signature sound on his latest release ‘ Move On’. Quintessentially a lo-fi hi-hop music producer, Trap Monk digs into his emotional bank of heartbreaks to make this release more relatable to his listeners. ‘Move On’ is about being stuck in the past and not able to move on from it. The song is a continuation of the narrative that we saw with Trap Monk’s debut EP ‘Sad Boi Forever’.

11. Yaarana by Siddharth Gupta

Since the age of 15, Siddharth has been singing and playing the guitar. Over the years, he has released a full-length album, performed at various places, and worked on projects with the likes of Tanmay Bhatt and Abish Mathew. His latest song “Yaarana” is all about friendship and multifaceted relationships that we share with our peers. Accompanied by a video that is sure to bring you to tears reminiscing about all your friends, ‘Yaarana’ is a simple track whose strength is its lyrics.

12. Alchemy by Rfaraz

Rfaraz is a guitarist turned electronic music producer hailing from the city of Kolkata. ‘Alchemy’ is his debut track under this moniker. A slow-techno synth led track, Alchemy’s charm lies in the progression and the sonic layers which keep getting added with every bar. Alchemy is a track for lonely car rides as well as chill underground electro parties. The most charming part about the track is the usage of a bright, airy synths that instantly add a likeness to it.

13. Waqt by Faasley

Faasley is a music project comprising Varun Dhabe, Parth Yadav and Shashank Joshi. True to the essence of their name, all three members live apart from each other. “Waqt” is Faasley’s new release from their forthcoming album. The song speaks of remorse that we feel at different stages of life, and the fact that we tend to drag it around with us needlessly and get submerged in sorrow. The song emphasizes on the virtue of not giving up and continuing to try. The track begins as an acoustic track and then blends into a classic rock sound track with interestingly laid guitar parts.

14. Out of Reach by Bad Trip

Bad Trip is a newly formed 5-piece Alt / Rock band from New Delhi. Having been influenced by the music of the late 90’s and early 20’s, their mission is to bring back some good old alt and punk rock to the “scene”. Their debut track “Out of Control” was put together in the middle of the lockdown, and the band hopes that their classic rock sound with a touch of pop elements would help them connect with the youth.

15. Maraud by Arseniic

Arseniic is a four-piece progressive metal band from Guwahati, Assam. “MARAUD” is the new single from their upcoming EP. Reminding you of the glory days of heavy djent, what makes the song an absolute banger is the choice of riffs and the well orchestrated change of tempo throughout the song.

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