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Level up as a musician by learning music production in this 3-week special course

Project MyNT is hosting a 2-week Electronic Music Production capsule course at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, New Delhi. This course, tailored specifically for musicians who want to upskill themselves by learning about production tools and techniques, will be held from August 24th to September 8th on Saturdays and Sundays. Today, production is a necessity in the music industry and since musicians have to spend a lot of money on getting their songs recorded and produced by others, this capsule will allow them to not only save money on production but also to impart this highly needed skillset. In this way, they can work on their own terms, at their own pace and add a personal touch to their music by producing it in their own style.

The course will explore all the important aspects of music production, right from the fundamentals of sound and music theory to the path of digital audio workstation processes. Not only this, it will provide people with an introduction to mixing their music too, all in a professional studio environment with industry standard equipment at the Audio Labs of SACAC.


Gaurav Chintamani, the director of Audio Engineering and Music Production at SACAC will mentor this program and impart the best practical knowledge of audio production. He is an industry veteran and has been producing music and playing in the band, Advaita, for almost 20 years now. He has produced music not only in the music industry but also for feature films, documentaries, short films, advertisements, and TV shows.

What will you learn?

By the end of this capsule, you would have learned the basics of electronic music production, tools of music-making and the features of Logic Pro X which is a Digital Audio Workstation, and basic music theory. Apart from these things, the course will also provide insight on developing song structures and coming up with ideas from the hook, audio recording and advanced production concepts.

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Here is a detailed syllabus of the capsule :

1. What is Electronic Music Production
• Define music production, in the box
• Outline the tools available in the DAW
• Differentiate between audio data and MIDI data
• Tools of music-making in the DAW

2. Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
• Introduction to Logic Pro X
• Signal path in audio and how it is adapted in the DAW
• Introduction to the GUI of Logic Pro X
• Signature features of Logic Pro X
• Apple loops
• Synthesizers, samplers and drum machine

3. Basic Music Theory
• What is the major scale?
• Intervals and basic diatonic harmony
• Standard chord progression
• How to harmonize melodies

4. Developing the Song Structure and Fleshing Out the Hook
• Identifying the hook and how to develop ideas from and for it
• Developing song structure
• Defining the pulse of the song and programming the rhythm section to amplify it
• Outline the process/workflow of the production
• Benefits of using Arrangement and Marker tracks
• Keeping ideas organized using project alternatives
• Being aware of balance and interaction

5. Tweaking Sounds
• Layering sounds to create more impact for individual sounds
• Being aware of the micro and macro elements in an arrangement
• Introduction to modulation and time-based effects and using them to add elements of ear candy to the arrangement

6. Introduction to Audio Recording
• Gain staging
• Identifying a good take vs. a great take
• Cycle recording workflow tips
• Stacking takes up to create a thicker, fuller sound
7. Advanced Production Concepts
• Addressing timing and pitch for a better performance
• Creating layers from timing and pitch tools
• Preparing the song for mix

8. An Introduction to Mixing
• Working with templates
• Setting up a working balance and creating movement
• Introduction to automation
• Mixing for loudness while retaining dynamics
• Creative use of spatial and modulation effects, pushing the production into creating signature sounds

This course is immensely useful for anyone who wishes to kick start their journey in music production, or even simply learn about it, to feed their curiosity and interest. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people working in the music industry & to start working in the direction to fulfill your dreams by learning from the best.

To avail yourself a discount of 30% on the course fee, use this TIMD exclusive coupon code “IMD30”

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