“India is one of the most undiscovered places to play live” – In Conversation With Modern Day Babylon

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As Czech djent-groove metal band Modern Day Babylon embark on their debut India tour starting tomorrow, we got in touch with guitarist Tomas Raclavsky to know more about their perception of India, the state of metal today and more. Read below!

The tour has been organized by Delhi based agency Bluee Tree. Here are tour dates-
September 18, Delhi
September 19, Mumbai
September 20, Bangalore
Get your tickets here: linktr.ee/BlueTree

Q1. What do you think about India/What have you heard about India?

India is one of the most undiscovered places to play live. We know that there are some fans of our kind of music and good vibe people because we were touring with our friends from Skyharbor and we are awaiting the best crowd under the stage. Also heard about the Indian food and we absolutely fell in love with that!

Q2. How has age impacted your music, in terms of physical technicality and maturity in thought-process?

At the beginning of our band, we wanted to make our music more like a technical show-off but by the time we found that for our fans works to make music more complex without show off’s and focus on composition itself. 

Q3. Do you think advancement in instrumental technology is leading to better musicianship or lazy musicianship?

Lazy musicianship, because these days you can find on internet form playing techniques, recording techniques, presets, etc. and do you don’t have to discover it by yourself.

Q4. Is it important to find the perfect instrument for the sound that you are going for or does emotion supersedes that?

For us, it’s  100% emotions and every person’s feelings putted in the music. You can play the best instrument in the world, but without human feelings, it can be a non-interesting piece . 

Q5. Have you heard Bollywood music? If yes, what do you think of it?

Nope. We heard about the Bollywood movies but never about the soundtracks.

Q6. Do you think there’s been a change in the kind of metal music being made in this decade versus the last? If yes, what do you think the change is?

Since the time we started to make our music changed a lot. We started to make our kind of music more than ten years ago and at this time, this music was absolutely undiscovered. At this time was the bass-heavy music, focused on bands like Limp Bizkit or Korn or bands like this and we are just like their little crazy babies with some idea to make this music more interesting, more technical and maybe quite more experimental.

Q7. If you could bring one musician/band back to life, who would it be?

Absolutely Michael Jackson.  This guy not just changed the world of music but made an absolutely new view for music as the artist.

Q8. Have you heard any Indian bands/artists? Do you like any of them?

This is a weird question for us because we’re close friends with our bros from Skyharbor. We were touring together in 2016 on their EU tour. We like their music a lot and they were our kind of inspiration since beginning of ‘’djent’’.

Q9. What advice would you give to young metal bands starting out today?

Just focus on your own kind of interest in the music and don’t be shy in any impressions of your musical ideas.