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Easy Wanderlings’ My Place To You stands out musically and lyrically

Pune based indie-rock collective, Easy Wanderlings are here with their two track EP My Place To You.The EP has now made it to Apple Music’s Indian Independent hits playlist and Spotify’s Early Noise India playlist.

The 8 member collective explores a different, less acoustic sound with the new EP. The band came out with their debut album As written in the stars in 2017 which met with rave reviews. The band also went on a nationwide Mountain Valley tour this year.

The songs are not merely sounds but also a story. The storytelling arc remains prevalent in the music video. The ‘Beneath the Fireworks’ music video shows a person who feels mundane and invisible, his presence seems insignificant to the world around him. The daily bustle of life seems to wear him down. The tone of the song does not echo of melancholy or sorrow. The songs were written and composed by Sanyanth Naroth and music videos were directed and animated by Sailesh Gopalan and Preetham Gunalan.

The lyrics make use of great imagery and iconography which reflects in the music video. The video becomes a device to take the music forward. Nature and its elements remain omnipresent and also serve as metaphors for our everyday lives. ‘Madeline’ takes an emotional and a more personal turn as it explores the changing dynamic between a mother and son. The exquisite method of storytelling is strengthened by the lyrics which are as good as poetry.  ‘Madeline’ finally draws the story to a full circle leaving the audience with a story which stands out, visually and musically.

1.Tell us about your writing process

Sanyanth usually comes up with the basic musical structure and lyrics to songs first. Then he’ll play the song for few of the Wanderlings and get their inputs, develop it further and then sit with the band members once again, but individually to work on their parts. We spend a lot of time to get the notes right, until it really hits us. Then we’d all head to the jam room and work on it till it feels good. Feel is our only lighthouse and we don’t stop until we get it right.

2. Why did you choose two have a two track EP? 

The two songs that we chose for our EP have a similar message and are woven into one longer story. We did not want to break the theme of the album to include songs that were not related to this story.

The music that we are making has also changed drastically from our first album and we are constantly exploring different sounds. This EP is also, in a way, a transition in terms of our sound. It has some familiar element from the last album and also reveals a little bit about the direction that our sound is heading toward for the next album.

3. A theme of storytelling seems common in your music, what do you think about Music expanding beyond sound and merging with storytelling?

Every song in itself is someone’s story. Our music is very much based on our experiences and stories that we would like to share. These stories allow people to really connect with the song and understand the emotion behind it.

4. What went behind the music video process? 

For the music video, our idea was to create something that would complement the song and give a clear story and context to the lyrics. We worked with two fabulous animators who we thought would be able to work magic with visuals – Sailesh Gopalan and Preetham Gunalan.

Our very first discussion with the animators involved sharing what our idea of the song was, and them shooting ideas of what characters and story they could create. We gave complete freedom to develop the narrative and the once we fixed on the basic concept, the animators came back with rough sketches, color pallet and basic idea of how the whole thing would look. After that we were involved only to guide them on where we felt the music and the visuals could sync better. Sailesh and Preetham spent a lot of time and effort into providing so much detail to the visuals that they would want the viewers to discover something new every time they re-watch the video.

5. What’s it like working as a collective?

Having 8 members in our band, who each have different influences and backgrounds, our music goes across genres and tries to incorporate each of these genres in some way. It is interesting to hear the different ideas and the different flavours that each person brings to the table. Although it does pose a few challenges and compromises need to be made, each member has the larger picture of the sound and feel of the song in mind. We get each other. Luckily we all live nearby in Pune and it’s easy to meet up, coordinate and play music. Music has always been communal and it’s just a beautiful feeling to make music with this bunch and perform music together.

6. How has your sound evolved since your first album?

From a more acoustic sound with two guitars and vocals, our sound has drastically changed with the addition of each element and each band member, all having different influences. At this phase so much is going with our sound and we’re not stopping whatever is flowing naturally. Our music is becoming a little heavier and moving into different genres, though the overall feel of the songs are easy going.

7. You were an anonymous band not too long ago, how has the journey been?

The idea behind being an anonymous band was really to let the music speak for itself. With the numerous stereotypes that people have, we did not want our music to be judged or compared with any other band, or music from a particular region, or made by a particular set of people. We wanted our music to stand on its own and be judged solely on how it made the listener feel. If people were interested in the music, it was not too difficult to find out who we were.

Once we released our album though, we thought it was alright to give out our names. People were shocked to know that we were, first of all, from India.The journey has been fantastic in terms of the number of people we were able to reach while being anonymous as well as known.

8. Do you plan to go on tour anytime soon?

We just finished a nationwide tour called the ‘Mountain Valley Tour’ which started in Trivandrum and went all the way to the foothills of the Himalayas. We played at all kinds of venues, one of them we will truly miss – Bflat. Those guys were always there for us whenever we visited Bangalore. We were able to spread the news about our new release while doing so and play the new EP live to the audience to help gauge the response. Now that our EP is out, we are doing a show in Bangalore- Fandom on the 13th, and Mumbai on the 12th of October. We haven’t yet planned any other cities yet, but we hope to get moving again soon.

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