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Colorblind’s Post Modern Holocaust Is An Otherworldly Experience

It’s hard to categorise good music. It tends to be a tree that one can see but with roots spreading underground in various directions. What Colorblind, Delhi based Kartik Mishra’s alter ego, has come up with in his newest album ‘Post-Modern Holocaust’ can be best described as some mind-blowing post-rock music with experimentation at its very core. There’s some kind of an aesthetic present to the post-rock label and this record, by overlapping elements of shoegaze with it, takes that aesthetic to another level. The album’s sound has an abundance of that retro-futuristic vibe to it. Although the music fits mostly in the post-rock genre, Colorblind has done something different with all eight songs of the album and it sounds more avant-garde than the usual post-rock sound one is usually familiar with.

“Using guitars as facilitators of timbres and textures rather than riffs and power chords” is one of the defining elements of post-rock and this album is a successful overachiever in this area. The texture of the sound is smooth, just like honey. Although there aren’t any lyrics except in “New Days”, the music is very hummable, the kind that remains with you right after the first listen, it just does. The second track of the record, “New Days” is a beautiful one. The rhythm, melodies and intensity of it is resembles those of post-punk. It sounds almost as if it is one of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s songs. “A Lazy Man Who Can’t Find His Words” is probably the richest song instrumentally and once you traverse through the track “Their Pretty Girls And Their Burning Men”, the record becomes very dark and heavy in terms of sound.

The combination of drums, guitar and bass is omnipresent throughout the album and to say that the drum programming is exceptional would be an understatement of the greatest degree. The instruments sound perfectly seamless together and build a dark and serious atmosphere. The entire album is ripe with creative authenticity. The energy and simplicity of the music is strictly modern rock in spirit.

All you black t-shirt wearing people, having unkempt hair, this album is something you will enjoy thoroughly. So, strap on your headphones because you need to experience the genius that Colorblind is.

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