Bloodywood Capture Proud Moments For Indian Metal In Their Tell-All Documentary

Bloodywood had never played a single live show before accepting a full blown European tour. They sold out 12/15 shows on their debut tour.

With the release of their tell-all documentary, Delhi based Indian metal band Bloodywood take us through how the band formed and their surreal ‘Raj Against The Machine’ tour. After an action packed opening sequence, you witness the birth of Punjabi/Dhol metal, its fusion with lyrically focused rap music, the natural progression into original compositions from covers and the solidification of a musical agenda that’s hell bent on creating a positive impact on the planet. After receiving an invitation to perform at the Mecca of heavy metal: The Wacken Open Air, the band sets out to answer a burning question: can an Indian folk metal band, an online sensation that’s never performed live before cut it on the biggest stage of them all? You have to see it to believe it. Watch the documentary below.

The footage for the documentary was shot across a GoPro strapped to  guitarist/flautist Karan Katiyar’s chest, frenzied mobile phone footage shot by the audience and the band themselves, as well as world class footage shot at the crowning moment of the tour: Wacken Open Air. The different kinds of footage will tell you a lot about the documentary itself. The GoPro footage shows the story from the band’s literal POV, the audience footage captures the energy of the moment and the professional footage at the end shows you the evolution of the band over the course of the tour in all its cinematic glory. Even though the cinematic moment is brief, it complements the organic, raw footage used throughout the documentary. The soundtrack of the documentary consists of only Indian independent music. It includes everything from metal to acoustic music.