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Apply Now For TIMD Awards 2023- India’s Biggest Independent Music Awards

It’s that time of the year again! The Indian Music Diaries is back with its 4th edition of the TIMD Awards, aimed at acknowledging and appreciating the cornucopia of talent to bloom out from the milieu of independent music in the country. We are all set to support and recognize these dedicated and hard-working artists, musicians, and bands across a plethora of genres. From electronic and hip-hop to rock and metal, each and everyone is welcome to nominate themselves for the awards which will be judged by our jury members.

Following are the award categories :

1.    Best Album Of The Year

2.    Best Song Of The Year (People’s Choice)

3.    Best EP of The Year

4.    Best Pop Artist/Singer-Songwriter Of The Year

5.    Best Music Video Of The Year

6.    Best Hip-Hop Release of The Year

7.    Best Emerging Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year

8.    Best Album Artwork of The Year

9.    Best Debut Artist of The Year (Editor’s Choice)

10. Best Electronic Artist of The Year

11. Best Rock/Metal Artist Of The Year

You can nominate yourself by clicking HERE or filling the embedded form below. Only artists/bands who fill out the form will be considered with special consideration from the editorial team.

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MADverse is the world’s first integrated artist’s service and collaboration platform for independent artists and labels connecting them to a world of music without limits and language barriers. It is the first platform that provides a one-stop shop, community, and collaboration for artists. The company’s goal is to bring people together through music and currently has headquarters in Gurgaon for Asia and Hollywood and in Los Angeles for America. It has three main divisions: a DIY service platform, a music fintech, and a WEB3 Metaverse music-centered community.

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Global Music Institute

Global Music Institute (GMI) is a leading contemporary music institute in India that provides young musicians with innovative programs to prepare them for a career in the global music industry. These programs include professional diploma and certificate courses in contemporary music performance and production, as well as degree pathways to prestigious international institutions such as Berklee College of Music in the US and JMC Academy and AIM in Australia.

Founded in 2011, GMI aims to bring a modern approach to music education to India and continues to innovate. The institute promotes cross-cultural musical dialogue and exchange, particularly between contemporary and traditional music styles, through its diverse international faculty and programs. Additionally, GMI is the Music Knowledge Partner for the Delhi Government’s Dr B R Ambedkar Schools of Specialised Excellence project (ASoSE).

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Pursue Hard Seltzer

Pursue is an alcoholic beverage company specializing in hard seltzers. The goal of Pursue is to provide entertainment, uplift the mood, and create a fun atmosphere by embracing freshness, energy, and dynamism. Combining the finest ingredients, highest quality packaging, and uniquely inspiring design it looks forward to creating a unique brand that is both modern and aspirational and stands out in its own category and class. At the moment they offer four refreshing flavours of hard seltzers that help you get your party hats on.

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Bohemian Entertainment

Bohemian Entertainment is a live-entertainment agency based out of Bangalore. Currently managed by Sarthak Kulshrestha, the agency has been responsible for bringing several acclaimed international acts like Steven Wilson, Chon, Polyphia, As I Lay Dying and more to India. They have also been instrumental in organizing tours of a number of well-known Indian independent acts like Parvaaz, Dream Note, Daira, The Anand Bhaskar Collective and others. They continue to be one of the premiere booking agencies and promoters in the subcontinent.

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