Wonders of fusion – Arjun Tikadar’s latest EP

It is said that music is one of the best ways to stimulate one’s emotions. A perfect example of this is Arjun Tikadar’s new EP, ‘Arjun’. These 5 tracks chronicle a contemporary take on Indian pop elements infused with certain western ones. Although the marriage between Western and Indian musical influences have a plethora of challenges, Tikadar manages to do this by keeping in mind not to overdo anything. That is one of the reasons this EP is attractive to the listener as he nonchalantly dives deeper and deeper into a world of mellifluous music.

‘Arjun’ is quite smartly compiled with each track fundamentally different from the last. Tikadar manages to keep the listener interested by changing the tone and tempo of the following track. The EP starts off with a mellow and slow song easing the audience into his world. From the very first minute, it is certain that for the next 20 or so minutes you will be listening to the tracks with rapped attention as Arjun takes you on a beautiful, musical journey. The instruments used in producing this EP have been successful in working as a catalyst for Tikadar’s voice, especially the guitar which leads the instrumental backdrop.

In short, Arjun Tikadar manages to show us the wonders of fusion and in doing so, brings the audience closer to the expansive world of indie music.