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TuneCore Has Changed the Music Distribution Game With It’s Unlimited Release Pricing Plans

TuneCore, the popular digital music distributor for independent artists and labels, has come up with pocket-friendly solutions for unlimited music distribution. These plans offer self-releasing artists some of the best and affordable options in the market to put out their music. Kicking off with a first-of-its-kind free distribution plan (which entails that no annual fee is required to be paid from the artist’s side) that enables one to freely release their music while also helping them extract a large percentage of the gross pay-out. This not only motivates musicians to produce and release more music but also boosts fan discovery.

In the current day and age, it has been noticed that there has been a stark change in release strategies wherein artists incline more towards releasing singles frequently as opposed to releasing a few EPs or albums per year as was rampant previously. The reason for this can be diluted down to the fact that opting for the former helps independent musicians to continuously leave an indelible impression in the minds of existing and potential fans while keeping the anticipation alive at the same time. And TuneCore’s Unlimited Program adds just the right amount of seasoning to this as continuous music creation is made more feasible and affordable for every artist by handing over the control to release an unlimited number of singles and albums to them. Let us now get into a bit more detailed understanding of what the company’s new pricing plans are all about.

The New Artist Plan comes for absolutely free. And yes, this is not a joke! And no, artists won’t be charged anything at all in the due course of using this plan. Which means that there lies some real good potential in taking full advantage from it. This plan enables musicians to release an unlimited amount of music to the libraries of all popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (including Shorts and Content ID) to name a few. Matter of fact, artists also get access to YouTube’s Official Artist Channel with this plan. This not only increases discoverability and the chance at virality on relevant social media platforms without the payment of a single dime, but also reimburses 80% of the total income back to the artist. A truly great option for up-and-coming artists who are just making their baby steps in the scene that also helps them earn money alongside trying their hands at making music and releasing it.

The Rising Artist Plan for INR 999/year is probably one of the most affordable and approachable unlimited distribution plans brought out by TuneCore this season. A one-stop solution for already established artists, the plan incorporates everything from the New Artist Plan as well as letting artists distributing their music to 150+ streaming and store partners like Wynk, Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music, Resso, JioSaavn, Amazon Music and Hungama. Even those who are starting out in the independent music scene can make full use of this plan, as it transfers 100% of the revenue generated back to them. Artists also get to pre-schedule all release dates and get their official verified artist accounts on Spotify and Apple Music. What’s more is that the Rising Artist Plan also includes artist support response time within 72 hours.

The Breakout Artist Plan is reasonably priced at INR 1999/year and basically includes everything under the “New Artist” and “Rising Artist” plans. At the same time, it gives independent musicians free access to their Automator feature which helps them to include their releases in various streaming and digital platforms that will come into effect in the future. And not just this, it also offers artists downloadable reporting and an artist support response within 48 hours. This plan is by far the best option for those looking at long-term goals for a pocket-friendly rate.

And last but not the least, is the Professional Plan that comes for INR 3999/year. Designed specially keeping in mind record labels, managers and artists who have been making music for quite some time, the plan focuses on sophisticated release features that will help them take the next step in their careers. Other than including everything from the previous three plans, it also provides premium sales reporting, access to specific country restrictions, exclusive partnerships and various promotional opportunities. Artists also get to add their own customized artist profiles (with an added sum of INR 999/year) under the Professional Plan and also get access to the fastest artist support response time out of the previous two plans, i.e., 24 hours.

TuneCore’s latest Unlimited Artist plan comes off as a boon to independent musicians in all levels of their careers. From nominal pricing designs to a hoard of opportunities, the company has truly set their marks on changing the game in the independent music scene of the country. Keeping in mind their target audience, they have come up with a distribution plan that will not only help artists make the most out of releases but also encourage and motivate them to create more music while also keeping a steady flow of new listeners intact.

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