Street Academics Launch India Tour Post Debut Album ‘Loop’

In 2019, benchmark Hip-Hop sounds from South India have boomed to life and touched greater heights. Street Academics have a huge role to play in shaping that soundspace. Representing Kerala Hip-Hop for 15+ years, this veteran crew is all geared up for the “Loop Tour” – a 6 city tour celebrating their classic debut album – Loop.

Street Academics hail primarily from Kerala. The essence of their sound is captured in their music in a way that expresses their deep-rooted pathways in Indian Hip-Hop as a culture. In its present formation, the crew consists of rappers/producers RJV Ernesto, Maapla, Earthgrime, V3K, Azuran and Imbachi. “Loop” is an amalgamation of each of these artists’ mindstates and individual zones. The result – a varied selection of emotional expression, gritty, gutsy, lyricism with gltichy, grimy beats, introspection and an outburst of realism. An album that explores the 7 sins in 7 songs. A classic of its time. And that time, for Street Academics, is now.

The squad is headed out to 6 locations – Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and hometown Kochi. They will be joined by artists from each city supporting them on their journey spreading the sounds of the Southside. The first stop of the tour is at New Delhi on Saturday, 16th of November at Raasta, Green Park.

This experience being a collaboration between Azadi Records, Glitch & Skillbox – true Hip-Hop heads are undoubtedly going to witness the extreme profiency of the southsiders and their craft. New Delhi, make sure you grab your tickets for the 16th here –

On November 16th, Joining z Street Academics will be Ahmer – a prolific rapper and producer from Srinagar, Kashmir. He’s an artist who manages to introduce to people to the complexities of the Kashmiri people and provides a more holistic view of their society.

Street Academics’ DJ/Producer – V3K’s bass heavy music will have the crowd jumping as they feel the authenticity of his core sound. Indian classical fusion lyricist and songwriter Moeha will also be joining the Dead Crows. Moeha is fresh on the tour completing her unique album ‘Embrace’ in collaboration with V3K.