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Singles Roundup #65: Indie Pop, Alt Rock, Classical and more!

In this edition, we highlight some of the hottest singles released in recent weeks. From indie rock to pop to hip-hop, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and discover some great new music!

1. baahon mein- Pina Colada Blues, The RISH

Kerala-based indie artist Pina Colada Blues in collaboration with The RISH releases his latest dance pop track ‘baahon mein’. Fans of electronic dance music will love the infectious energy of ‘baahon mein’. The RISH’s smooth vocals are perfectly complemented by Pina Colada Blues’ catchy beats making it a perfect addition to any party playlist. The track is also accompanied by a stellar music video on YouTube. 

2. Tabaahi- Armaan Malik, OAFF

Indian pop sensation Armaan Malik and composer-producer OAFF joined forces to create a chill-pop track ‘Tabaahi’ that captures a perfect blend of sound and energy. The song tells the story of two people who find peace in being alone in nature with each other. Armaan and OAFF’s collaboration on this song brought out a different side to their musicality, resulting in a grand and intimate track that is certain to become a go-to for listeners.

3. Nasamjhi – Utsavi Jha

Mumbai-based indie artist Utsavi Jha releases her latest soft-rock ballad ‘Nasamjhi’. The lyrics describe the paradoxical nature of love, how it leads us to make irrational decisions and feel emotions that are difficult to comprehend. The melody is soothing and perfectly complements the heartfelt lyrics. Utsavi Jhai’s soulful voice and emotive delivery make this song a must-listen. 

4. Krida- Rebel 7 feat. Dhanji

‘Krida’ is a raw and honest track that dives deep into the struggles of being an unseen and unappreciated artist in the rap scene. Rebel 7 and Dhanji’s collaboration is a force to be reckoned with, as they question the belief in the saturated industry and lay out their journey with relentless passion. The track showcases Rebel 7’s exceptional skills as a rapper-producer and his ability to command the Indian hip-hop industry. 

5. Waiting For A Rainbow- Sanskar Vaidya

Mumbai-based singer/composer Sanskar Vaidya releases his fifth single titled ‘Waiting For A Rainbow’. This alt-rock track is a heartfelt and introspective track that explores themes of self-discovery and self-love. The song is beautifully composed and sung, showcasing Sanskar’s incredible vocal range and his skill as a composer.

6. Element- DHP

DHP, a 22-year-old rapper, is one of the most promising MCs in India right now. His new track, “Element,” is a delightful addition to the world of old-school hiphop music. The song is a perfect blend of Outkast and Isiah Rashad’s type influences.  The beat is smooth and easy to groove to, and DHP’s flow is impeccable.

7. Floating- Parishrut

“Floating” is a captivating, ambient rock track by Parishrut that tells a story of nostalgia and self-discovery. The track draws heavy inspiration from Pink Floyd, using spatial sounds based on chorus and phasers to create a moving soundscape. The song builds on a background of spatial sounds and gradually rises from mellow tunes to belted vocals and distortion on the guitar.

8. Tntbeatz Cypher Vol. 1- TNTbeatz

Tanuj Dhyawana aka TNTBEATZ, has dropped a bombshell with his latest creation, ‘Tntbeatz Cypher Vol. 1’. As a music producer from Delhi, India, TNTBEATZ has spent 5 years honing his craft, and it shows in this newest release. ‘Tntbeatz Cypher Vol. 1’ is a cypher song that features 8 underground artists, who deliver their bars over an innovative beat with 13 switches – a first in the music world.

9. Premika- Samaksh 

New-Delhi-based singer/songwriter ‘Samaksh’ releases his latest song ‘Premika’. The song is a tribute to the pure, beautiful relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha.The music is soothing and delicate, with a subtle ambience that transports the listener to a peaceful forest. Samaksh’s vocals are smooth and soulful, adding to the overall purity of the song. 

10. Chaska- Natiq, shauharty

Natiq, one of Delhi’s most prolific producers, has joined forces with underground sensation shauharty in their new release, “Chaska.” The single is a smooth, soul-sampled track that showcases both artist’s unique styles perfectly. shauharty’s wordplay and rhyme schemes are spot on throughout the song, covering subject matter ranging from individual success to the support of those around him.

11. Life Is Too Short To Die – Skreen 6 

Skreen 6, an old school Hard Rock band from Kochi, India, has just released their new single “Life Is Too Short To Die.” This song, which is part of their debut album “Rockin’ Head,” is a powerful message about never losing hope even in the darkest of times. The guitar riffs are heavy and the drum beats are relentless, driving the message home with every note.

12. a tale of 2 moods- Tripped N Sat, Deanna DiLandro

Tripped N Sat and Deanna DiLandro’s latest single, “A Tale of 2 Moods,” is a refreshing and uplifting anthem for anyone feeling down or overwhelmed. The breezy pop tune encourages listeners to find joy in the little things and push through tough times with the help of friends and loved ones. 

13. Balma- Albela ft. Goldy Baba

“Balma” is a captivating song that fuses traditional Indian music with modern electronic beats. The use of Raag Malkauns and Sarangi in the track’s production is a testament to Albela’s commitment to exploring and expressing his cultural heritage. The smooth build-up and dynamic rhythms transcend borders and connect listeners on a spiritual level. 

14. Of Planet- Space Hydra

Bangalore-based electronic Rock band Space Hydra’s latest single “Of Planet” is a mesmerizing blend of electronica and alt rock that showcases the band’s unique and socially conscious songwriting. The chopped samples of Carl Sagan’s voice add a thought-provoking layer to the song’s message of conservation of nature and planet. The song’s steady and technical drum rhythms underscore the urgency of the message while the spacey guitars and modern synthesizer sounds create a futuristic sonic landscape.

15. Tu Mera- Madhurr

Gurugram-based singer/songwriter and music producer Madhurr releases his latest Hindi-song titled ‘Tu Mera’. The song’s lyrics speak to an undying and ever-growing bond, effortlessly reinforcing the hook phrase “Tu Mera” throughout the song. The lush transitions, off-beat industrial percussion, and intricate drum sampling expertly crafted by Madhurr make the song uplifting and groovy. The song is a perfect addition to your dance, workout, or long drive playlists.


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