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Singles Roundup #49: Electronic Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and more

These are the essential new artists to add to your playlist. We received a range of releases and here are the fifteen artists worth keeping an eye on this year. We also have Synthwave, alternative rap, English pop and folk music covered in this mid year roundup.

1. UDDCHALEIN- Sanjeeta x Aman Sagar x Full Power

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, a singer-songwriter and actor from Delhi releases her new single ‘UDDCHALEIN’, a hip-hop/rap muse on the sense of freedom and autonomy. The song features Aman Sagar and the rap duo Full Power who deliver a stellar performance with their vocals. The energetic beats and impeccable songwriting are known to incite the listener into believing ‘nothing is impossible’.

2. Superhuman- Tarang Joseph feat. RANJ & Mary Ann Alexander

Bangalore based singer-songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist Tarang Joseph keeps the audiences hooked with his old school hip-hop release ‘Superhuman’. Tarang combines funky electronic beats and exceptional vocals that feature RANJ and Mary Ann Alexander, which results in an undeniable capturing of that one emotion we all feel when we enter the flow state and assure the self of its ‘Superhuman’ potential.

3. Lunar Month- The Bodhisattwa Trio

Creativity has no limits for the fusion band ‘The Bodhisattwa Trio’ who will be releasing their new single as a part of their fourth album ‘Frontier’ under the banner of Croatian record label Intek Music. ‘Lunar Month’ is a post-apocalyptic musical account of the Trio who are stuck in the moon’s orbit. The musical ensemble consisting of swirling guitar riffs, piano, drums and FX are sure to keep your head in the space before their story unfolds in the next release. 

4. Sarang- Honeysuckle Weekends

A safe haven for classical fusion, Pune-based artist duo Honeysuckle Weekends with their powerful vocals and buoyant beats express the excitement of meeting your beloved through raga Brindavani Sarang. This immersive track owing to the vocalist’s range and first-rate electronica is a soul-stirring listening experience.

5. Helpline- Kalpana

Hyderabad-based singer-songwriter Kalpana in her debut single ‘Helpline’ empathises with the people of the post-pandemic era. Kalpana finds her inspiration from the likes of Coldplay and experiments with electronic/ambient music. ‘Helpline’ is an honest take on the lamentable lives of people who battled the pandemic, the orchestral arrangement and shrill vocals radiate a sense of hope and relief from the chaos. 


Delhi-based rap artist SXNCHAY has been on the grind this year with his 6th track of 2022 ‘DON JON’. This groovy alternative rap song consists of catchy drum patterns, distorted keys and elements of funk guitar. The rapper envisions a bold life for himself and this is seen in the amazing songwriting and delivery. 

7. Knowledge- Aysee 

Ayush Choudhary, known by the pen name Aysee is a 19-year-old Mumbai-based artist who’s trying to revolutionise the hip-hop industry with his upcoming release ‘Knowledge’. The track is thematically and sonically flamboyant and has Latin influences along with a fun meme sample from 2016. ‘Knowledge’ is a charismatic seat belt kind of music with experimental beats and skillful composing. 

8. Wah- Yoosh

Composed, written and recorded by Yoosh a Delhi/Mumbai-based artist who wrote his latest track ‘Wah’ as an ironic overstatement to a vile phase in life. The vibe of the song is motivating and talks of self-reliance as the only support in moving forward. This top of the morning track has high relatability and the music production is complementary to the brilliant songwriting.

9. My Pride – Aarya X Backclash X SHMAR

Written by Aarya and produced by Aman Vanjani (Backclash), Pranay Gode (SHMAR) & Shayan Chakraborty ‘My Pride’ is a beautiful verse from the point of view of a father. The song begins with gentle acoustics and catches on to a plain sailing melody that recounts the story of being a dad. 

10. Ghum Hoon – XR

Delhi-based musician Vivek XR questions the reality that we are built on. ‘Ghum Hoon’ is an introspective indie song that deals with the topics of imperfections, mistakes and failures. The song with its magnificent animation, uplifting rhythm and insightful lyrics is a muse for an inward journey to knowing oneself. 

11. Without You- Tarra

Young talent from Mumbai, Tarra pens down how it feels moving on from a relationship and the outcries of breaking away from a love that becomes a habit. The pop track has ambient music, impressive vocals and crisp drum beats throughout that emphasise on the remains of a broken relationship. Tarra found her inspiration from songwriters like Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels, undeniably or so her music promises her mark in the English pop industry. 

12. Band Aid- Dev

Mumbai-based solo artist Dev releases a sequel to his previous song ‘Hair Tie’. In this alternative rock piano ballad, the protagonist yearns to explain to his ex why he couldn’t stay any longer in the relationship. The second half of the track progresses into heavy rock guitars and hard hitting drums with lyrics that deliver a sincere message to his ex, hoping she understands his reasons. 

13. Ascent – Saahil Bhargava

With dazzling riff, pulsating drums and soaring vocals comes Saahil Bhargava’s new release ‘Ascent’ which is about the Deadalus and Icarus myth. The track is relatable to gamers and symbolises the conflict in defence and attack strategies, especially when they coexist. The song explores this dichotomy through the perspective of Daedalus a Greek figure and it has already gained widespread acclamation in the gaming industry. 

14. Jadoo ki Chhadi- Folk Masti

Travelling artists Folk Masti is a Mumbai based band who convey positive life messages through their music. In their recent release ‘Jadoo Ki Chhadi’ we get to hear and witness nature’s magnificence and the song projects a strong sense of gratification towards what we have as a planet. The music comes from their experience and travel and connects people on a human level. 

15. Shehar- Comic Book

Comic Book is a four member band who don’t restrict their music to any particular genre. The band’s first album ‘Deja Vu’ starts with ‘Shehar’, a Synthwave/Rock song that personifies a city as an evolving human and inherits materialistic traits from the current world structure. The song with its electronic beats, powerful lyrics and live instruments has a striking message for the listeners that is too hard to pass.

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