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Singles Roundup #47: These Independent Musicians Deserve To Be On Your Radar

This month has been great for indie artists across India. From electronic pop to lo-fi and RnB, we have covered amazing singles that were released in April. These tracks fit into the mid-year moods of melancholy along with the voices and stories that need to be enunciated.

1. Yaadein by Last Minute India

On the hotlist is the pop rock band Last Minute India. Once a college band, today they have four original compositions to their name and multiple shows throughout the year in and outside Mumbai. With the release of their fifth OC ‘Yaadein’, this Hindi rock band holler at the first heartbreak we fail to recover from. The music resounds the crushing memories of our innocence and the unmeant love we have been carrying inside us.

2. In Denial by Shourya Malhotra & Varun Rajput feat. Roradoll and Ishita Singh

Shourya Malhotra a singer-songwriter from Delhi in collaboration with Varun Rajput of Antariksh released his sophomore single featuring Roradoll and Ishita Singh. ‘In Denial’ is a soft and savoury rendition of love and its inexplicable meaning that shifts through time and age. Shourya wrote this song as a teenager and composed it in the wake of his 30s. The track imparts a melancholy of understanding love in its essence and a pensive melody for a late-night conversation.

3. Bhoomi by Anantharaman Anil feat. Alloy Francis | Sayooj Suresh | Sidharth Sreenivas | Sumeesh

Kochi-based music producer and pianist Anantharaman Anil releases his sophomore single ‘Bhoomi’. The single is a piano-drum drum medley featuring Alloy Francis on drums. The music was composed as a tribute to Mother Earth. We get to hear different genres like jazz, metal and Carnatic blend into this ravishing fusion. The track is a treat to the ear with soulful vocals backed with top-notch drums. The track was released on April 22, Earth Day and transcends an important message on preserving our only planet.

4. Black Lace by YÜSH

Piyush Choubey the voice behind YÜSH drops his new single ‘Black Lace’ a tangle between love and lust. Born in 1994, Piyush is an ace rapper from Kolkata who delivers vocal riffs, clever wordplay and vivid visual descriptions. His upcoming single ‘Black Lace’ is one of the first songs he wrote and is produced by A (from ZnA). In this synth-filled pop rap, Piyush questions his infatuation with catchy lyrics and a rhythmic upbeat.

5. Octaving Bounds by Raghav

Mumbai based guitarist and producer Raghav’s Orchestral track ‘Octaving Bounds’ is out on all streaming platforms. Raghav does not limit himself to any genre and in this musical ensemble he tries to convey a message of hope and gratitude. ‘Octaving Bounds’ was developed over ten months and symbolizes the struggles of breaking out of a zone. It begins with a Lo-Fi mix and progresses into an enrapturing melody. Raghav shares a sanguine message of hope through his vocals and the second half of the track is a jarring cessation of one’s inner demons.

6. Raven’s Interlude by DeadSouth

Bangalore based hiphop duo DeadSouth launched their debut single ‘Raven’s Interlude’ on April 22. The track was produced by Yung Raven himself and it features 808 heavy production layered over distorted synthesizers with member Vetus Deus’ stellar rap. ‘Raven’s Interlude’ is an exemplary hip hop track and the music has an addictive groove to it. DeadSouth are an avid listeners of Three 6 Mafia, $uicideboy$, City Morgue, and Ghostemane and find their influence from the likes of it.

7. Boliya by Uddipan

Originally from Assam, Uddipan is a Goa-based solo artist who expresses his life and his inner world through music. Boliya (or the mentally ill, insane) finds its influence from the politcal movements in India in 2019. The song is a narration to the people in power and an expression of how the ordinary or the oppressed ones are losing their minds in dire consequences of the human ego. The song is a new age trance with an essential message to the society.

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8. Now She Knows by Aarifah

Pune/Mumbai based multi-talented artist Aarifah is releasing her single ‘Now she knows’ an encapsulating story of self-realisation. This song is a self-produced debut single and touches on various themes of fear, self-doubt and autonomy. ‘Now She Knows’ is a heartfelt rendition of an inner awakening and an inspiring journey towards self-discovery. This indie folk/pop track is being released with the independent label, Misfits Inc.

9. Manchala Dil by Sidharth Agarwal

Independent musician Sidharth Agarwal releases his first single ‘Manchala Dil’ this April. This song is produced by Aditya Agarwal the creator of the sensational Chaand Baaliyan. ‘Manchala Dil’ was born during the lockdown and is a mix of indie-folk and acoustic. This song is a soft note on being an outlier and following one’s own way. Siddharth used to play the guitar and write poetry, not full time until the lockdown when he could bring both skills together and come up with his debut single.

10. Magic by Jonathan Lobo

Jonathan Lobo is a Dubai based artist who writes music to tell stories of love, life and other commonalities. ‘Magic’ takes us through the journey of those early excitements in a relationship to the individual resulting evolutions. His previous single ‘Start Again’ was featured in Spotify’s Fresh Find and with this pop composition, Jonathan is set to make another hit on our playlists.

11. Fall Out Of Love by Yash Barse

The 27 year old Mumbai based singer-songwriter who works as the in-house sound engineer at – The Habitat, Khar West is releasing his fifth single. The song has been produced by Supratik Das and Aadarsh Subramanium. Yash wrote Fall Out of Love over a year as an escapade from separation and he pours his emotions beautifully into this coping melody.

12. Lowkey- SZN TWO ft Amogh Balaji

SZN TWO is an electronic pop duo from Chennai who will be releasing their new single ‘Lowkey’ featuring the rapper Amogh Balaji. SZN TWO comprises Michael Timothy, Chennai based producer and bassist and NAMI. the singer-songwriter also based in Chennai. This upbeat electronic track narrates a physical relationship between two people while keeping it private. The track is full of vim and astounding vocals. The rapper performs a striking hit and allies the mood for the song.

13. Oh My Dear- Nitika Rajkumar

Chennai based singer-songwriter and vocal coach Nitika Rajkumar releases her third single ‘Oh My Dear!’ This acoustic pop song in Nitika’s well-pitched voice speaks of a couple spending their last night together before they get into a long distance. Afraid to know if they will be seeing each other again, this bittersweet song finds its inspiration in the Korean Drama, Crash Landing Onto You.

14. Khoya Hoon- Raajmusic w/ Nvneel

‘Khoya Hoon’ is the latest track by Raajmusic featuring Nvneel. The song produced by Fuzoren Beatz is an indie take on trying to break out but finding oneself lost in guilt and despair. The song encourages us to abandon all beliefs and find our own voice in a world where we often tend to lose ourselves. The track will be streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and will be a great addition to your playlist.

15. Plastic Luv by Tripped and Sat

LA-based band Tripped and Sat comprising Jason Hines and Parichay Nathani are back with another single ‘Plastic Luv’. This alt/pop lo-fi tune speaks of the gloomy realisation that love wasn’t real, it was plastic. This bedroom pop is a reliving of memories that are hard to pass by. The heartache of knowing such love is what gives this song its lo-fi chills. The break-up anthem is available to listen to on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and other streaming services.

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