Singer-Songwriter Nikhil D’Souza Releases Song In Two Languages At Once

As a much-needed, endearing respite from the lockdown blues, city based independent singer-songwriter Nikhil D’Souza just launched a soothing yet upbeat melody from his second EP titled ‘People’. It features a twin track sung in both, English and Hindi. The EP follows his hugely successful single, ‘Sitaare’ released in September last year.

Nikhil has been a consistent performer in the indie music scene straddling between his many originals and various hit collaborations with leading artists, producers and directors in India and abroad. Telling us more about this EP, Nikhil D’Souza said, “People is simply about all of us, with a strong message of love and peace. I felt this thought was powerful, and most relevant in current times, so this definitely needed to transcend language. That’s when I decided to make a second version with the hope that this universal language of music will bring us together. After all #WeAreOnlyPeople, and to quote a line from the song, “we all gotta breathe the same air, underneath the skin that we wear”.

In the pipeline is a unique music video to promote this track and a campaign to drive positivity and spread messages of love and kindness, titled #PeopleSupportPeople. Th EP is now live on all streaming platforms and available for download on