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Listen To The Mesmerizing EP ‘The Green Room Project’ By Aditya Kambhampati

Aditya Kambhampati is a Mumbai based independent singer, songwriter and producer. ‘The Green Room Project’ is his first EP, which is a mixtape of calm vibes, sombre feels, unsaid words and music solos that will usher in a sense of serenity for the listeners. In some ways, the music also takes us back to sweet nostalgic memories of our childhood and our past. The lyrics are penned by Aditya Karhadkar and the music is produced, programmed and sung by Aditya Kambhampati.  The Aditya and Aditya duo truly have a lot in store for us with their soulful poetic music.

The first track, ‘Panna’, talks about a relationship between a person and a book. It adequately depicts how a book becomes the selfless and silent spectator of all our doings and how it is one of the most loyal engagements we can ever have in our lives. The lyrics go on to say that a book contains the treasures of life that cannot be measured. Books are said to be open-minded unlike us humans. This song incorporates simple guitar finger-picking music with a gentle touch of folk tunes. A mindful melody of the mouth organ can be heard in the chorus. Honest and heart-warming songwriting can also be felt by the listener throughout this album.

The ‘Shepherd Song’ also has a similar kind of vibe musically. It talks about life from a shepherd’s perspective; he thinks he controls and drives his flock and is their source of hope. This track seems to be a metaphor for the friendships that we have in our life, which ultimately become our pillars of support in difficult times. The larger question of life is also raised here, that is are we truly in control of the events in our life or they are the ones who exercise control over us.

Siyahi, seems like a track composed for a romantic Bollywood film, as it talks about how the coming in of a particular person can leave a huge imprint in our lives. It has a sing-along vibe to it, and uplifts our spirits almost instantaneously. The bridge section has some amazing background vocals and soft drumming sounds which is the high point of the track. ‘Tukda’ is a personal favourite, as it elicits the importance of enjoying the little things in life. It urges us to find our true selves even amidst the hustle bustle of our hectic lives. It invites us to take a pause, and reflect on our lives. Through the track, the importance of going back to our roots once in a while to recognize where we come from is highlighted. The song follows the simple guitar strumming style used in the previous tracks, with a slightly more noticeable piano arrangement.

Overall, ‘The Green Room Project’ is great for those who just want to relax and enjoy inspiring yet touching indie music. This album is also a delight for poetry lovers, as all the lyrics have a deep lyrical meanings attached to them. The Aditya and Aditya duo have a bright road ahead, and we surely look forward to more heartfelt music from them!

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