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Komorebi Builds Hypnotic Soundscapes With Her Latest EP, “The Fall”

Komorebi, a New Delhi-based electronic artist, captivates listeners with her hypnotic and haunting soundscapes. Inspired by the likes of Bjork and Radiohead, her music is often described as otherworldly. Since her debut EP in 2015, Komorebi has been on a steady rise in the music industry. Her latest album, ‘The Fall,’ comprises seven tracks that showcase her unique musical style and thought-provoking lyrics. Standout songs like ‘I Grew Up’ and ‘Watch Out’ explore existential questions and the complexities of love. In addition to the album, Komorebi is also releasing a comic book delving into the lore of ‘The Fall.’ This exclusive collaboration with Mumbai-based ‘The Comic Book Store’ will provide fans with a visual of the music. The comic book will be a featured work at COMIC-CON INDIA and will also be available in select U.S. comic book stores. 

The first song in the album ‘I Grew Up’ is a mesmerizing track that takes listeners on a journey through Komorebi’s introspective and emotive world. The song opens with ethereal synth pads and delicate melodies, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Komorebi’s haunting vocals blend seamlessly with the atmospheric instrumentation, drawing listeners in with its melancholic beauty. 

The second song ‘Watch Out,’ showcases Komorebi’s collaborative prowess as she joins forces with Easy Wanderlings, Dhruv Vishvanath, and Blackstratblues. The acoustic track immerses listeners in a tender and chimerical atmosphere. With soft vocals that tug at the heartstrings, the song’s poignant lyrics explore the nuances of love and vulnerability.

The third and title song of the EP, ‘The Fall,’ is a captivating and dynamic track that showcases Komorebi’s mastery of composition. With steady beats and a strong build-up, the song draws listeners in and takes them on a mesmerizing journey. The flowy and surreal elements of the composition add depth and intrigue, while the masterful arrangement incorporates a wide range of elements. Towards the end, the song explodes with powerful drums and heavy guitars, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

The fourth song in the EP, ‘Silent War,’ continues the captivating flow of the album with its dramatic tone and poignant lyrics. The lyrics explore the complexities of inner struggles and emotional battles. ‘Silent War’ is a standout track that further reinforces Komorebi’s unique musical style and lyrical depth.

‘Tangled And Familiar’, the fifth song is a melodic and electronic masterpiece by Komorebi. The song effortlessly blends ethereal sounds with catchy beats. As the song reaches its crescendo, the feeling is truly awesome, evoking a sense of excitement and energy. There’s a distinct young adult vibe to the track, making it perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in an engaging composition.

‘All The Things’ is a haunting song that marks a pivotal moment in Komorebi’s EP. With its short duration, the song creates a sense of urgency and anticipation. The instrumentation is remarkable, incorporating ticking sounds that add a unique texture to the composition. Listeners can feel the raw emotions and vulnerability conveyed in the song. ‘All The Things’ acts as a prelude to the album’s finale, preparing listeners for the impactful conclusion that is yet to come.

Coming to the final track, ‘Better Not Bitter’ is an emotionally charged track that delves into the damages the protagonist had to bear. The raw and sharp vocals of Komorebi carry a transformative power, capturing the listener’s attention and evoking a range of emotions. The music itself, while melancholic, also carries a sense of empathy and understanding. The inner child is a recurring theme in Komorebi’s album. Through her lyrics and vocal delivery, she taps into the vulnerable and innocent aspects of herself. This album solidifies Komorebi’s place as a rising star in the music industry and we eagerly await what’s more to come from her!

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