Aswekeepsearching And Friends Launch Mental Health Awareness Campaign #foryourmind

On 22nd July, a cluster of independent artists came together to raise funds to help people affected by mental health issues. The campaign #foryourmind, led by post-rock band Aswekeepsearching, involving an array of artists including Raghav Meattle, Hanita Bhambri, Bloodywood, Sachin Bhatt, Aditi Ramesh, Anoop Bhat, Polar Lights, Street Stories, and more, is going to run for a span of fifteen days. During this campaign, the artists will be putting up various forms of art, ranging from music, artwork , poems, merchandise, etc, available either at a fixed amount or pay-what-you-want model. All the proceeds from the campaign will be donated equally among four NGOs doing work related to mental health. . Besides raising money, one of the main aims of the campaign is to create awareness about mental well being and build a self-supportive community. Check out the live campaign here:

The Minds Foundation, Nizamabad

Anjali Mental Health Rights Organisation, Kolkata

The Live Love Laugh Foundation, Mumbai

The Live Love Laugh Foundation, Mumbai

“We were overwhelmed with the response we got after releasing “Sleep” and were touched by how it connected with our audience on a personal level. We wanted to further work on similar lines with our new EP ‘l l l l’ but then gradually shifted the whole focus on doing something to create awareness regarding mental well-being and then reached out to all our artist friends to be a part of the same as it’s not about doing it alone but building a community and doing it together, for the cause. We are happy how a small idea can be maximized in such a way with everyone’s support” says Uddipan Sarmah, front-man of Aswekeepsearching.

The topic of mental health has found various platforms for discussion over the years. Now, its our mutual love and dependence on music that would facilitate the propagation of this topic and help raise awareness.

“Mental health is something that NEEDS to be addressed on a bigger scale and is something that needs Immediate attention. I’m excited to be a small part in this campaign that will help take a step towards the awareness for mental wellness ” says Sanjay Kumar of FOI, who is also taking part in the campaign.