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A charm hard to miss : Shashwat Bulusu’s music

Shashwat Bulusu is a Baroda based indie musician, who is slowly garnering the attention of people through his playful and tranquil sounds. His music reminds one of the famous indie duo, Parekh and Singh whose music too has elements of ambient pop and calm tunes but Shashwat approaches the genre quite differently. Most of Bulusu’s music has soft instrumentals, accompanied with his soothing vocals. Each of the three tracks are similar to each other sonically, yet quite different in terms of their meaning.

Shashwat Bulusu channels bittersweet emotions through his latest single ‘Sunset By The Vembanad’. The song is the story of a boy, lake Vembanad and the monster that resides in the lake. It’s been sung in almost a childlike manner and feels joyful, but at the same time also conveys a deeper meaning about fighting one’s demons and dealing with loss. There is a soft drum groove throughout the track and the instrumentals throughout the track are mellow.

Bulusu’s first single, titled ‘Playground’ speaks about the carefree nature of childhood, where children are not burdened by responsibilities or pressures. They can truly be themselves and do whatever they wish to do. Activities like riding on a merry go around become daily pleasures. As children, we believe in superpowers and the whole world seems like an adventure island. It seems that the song is telling us to never forget the small child that is inside all of us. The music video is also playful where three young girls staying together in an apartment can be seen sharing the highs and lows of their lives together. The entire track incorporates tasteful vocal harmonies with soft drum beats.

Bulusu’s second track ‘Forestfire’ is a lullaby that Shashwat wrote for his sister to sleep to. In Shashwat’s words “This song is a lullaby I wrote for my sister to sleep to in our make believe forest, built of crayons when we were young”. The distorted music in the intro is quite an interesting start to the track. The track has a sweet melody to it, with the subtle synth and drumming sounds in the background. Lyrically, the track speaks about a brother comforting and protecting his little sister from her fears. The track indeed makes you calm in spite of intense music in some parts.

Bulusu’s music may not be everyone’s go to music, but you can definitely listen to it after a hectic day at work. There’s definitely a certain charm about his music that is hard to miss.

Hear Shashwat’s releases here below :

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