The Earflower Experiment urges you to 'Make Amends'

With the on-going people-led protests inspiring a string of artists to make and release music, Delhi’s The Earflower Experiment is here with their single ‘Make Amends’. Led by Astaaq Ahmed, the project steers away from heavy political commentary but give’s a bird eye view of the situation the world’s largest democracy is stuck in. This is the project’s first release after their 2018 debut EP ‘An Anecdote’.

The song was originally written almost 8 years ago but the relevancy of the lyrics still exist. “What is happening in our country right now is just a mere reflection of what things will be like tomorrow; especially, if we don’t act. It’s precisely for this reason, that I decided to record this song. It made sense to put out a song that discusses the ills of the world that exist at the moment, and how we need to right the wrongs – how we need to make amends. Since always, art of many kinds – music included – has played an integral role in disseminating a points of view – especially in protests. This is primarily because music helps ease rather complex topics into simple to understand information that can then be utilized to form an opinion. 
Today’s situation is no less. We, as artists, have a moral responsibility to protect our brothers and sisters from disinformation and help them see through the lies the establishment is pushing on an hourly basis. 
This is why Make Amends – or any song that challenges deceit – is important today.” says Astaaq.

The song took about 2 weeks for completion. While Kriti Bagga, Astaaq’s photographer friend contributed to the artwork, a picture she took while covering the protests, Dhruv Ganguly, his close friend, and a graphic designer, transformed her picture into the final product (below).

“Having a full-time job doesn’t allow me to regularly make it out to protest. And initially, I felt really bad about this. I felt like I wasn’t being able to stand up alongside my fellow citizens against all the wrongs that have infiltrated our societies and lives. However, with time, I realized that there I could do a lot without having to be on the streets – fighting the evil from ground zero. It was then that I got in touch with my good friend and fellow producer, Aman Saxena, to finally record this single.” says Astaaq.